As we are nearing the end of the year we still haven’t had a “real” snow day. I’m talking a couple feet of snow, and yet we’ve only had a sprinkle. Some of us humans and dogs here at moon dog lodge love the winter days where the sun shines and the cold air is crisp to breath and the white snow all over the ground and trees makes it look like your in a snow globe! Yeah, that’s the kind of winter I’m talking about. We are still waiting for a day like that! We are still happy with the weather, the roads have been safe for our moon mobile to safely transport the daycare pups in the morning and afternoon. We are grateful for our fur friends making it to the lodge and home safely! As we head into the holidays we are expanding our pack and new pack members have been welcomed. More sleepover friends make for a better sleepover! I hope everyone takes a look back at the winter safety blog for some safety winter dog tips and enjoy some of the snow pics we were able to get! 

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