The Month Of Love

A very special day is coming up that we are all fimilar with and happens to be all about love! And dogs are experts at that. So why not show some extra love to our furry family and give them something we all know dogs love. Treats! I was able to bake a few treats for my fur kids and have a “treat off” on which were the best. It was hard to tell as I do not have picky eaters! So I would love to share with you some recipies I found that satisfy my fur kids belly and heart! One recipe that I found happend to be adorable, fun to make and a bit messy! But the more messy the more fun (says the fur pup). They are called “Apple Fruit Donuts”!
Ingredients are..
•Greek Yogurt (or any of your choosing)
Very simple and easy to make! Cut out the core of the apple then cut the apple into slices (looking like donuts) and top them with a layer of yogurt and light sprinkles! Yummmm! Bark!

Apple Fruit Donuts

Apple Fruit Donuts

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I just made them for dogs and used dog friendly ingredients!

Another recipe I found to be a favorite was the frozen coconut oil and blueberry treats. Very simple, less mess and the freezer does the work! Ingredients needed are…
•Coconut Oil
•Blue berries
All you need is a silicone ice tray of whatever shape you prefer the treats to be in, this month I went with hearts. Then you will need 1/2 cup of coconut oil melted, and as you put blue berries in each silicone slot, you pour in the coconut oil so its fills the shape and once the whole ice try is filled you may freeze! The treats of course! After an hour or longer the treats should be ready for devouring! Dogs will be needed for testing!

Coconut Oil Blueberry Treats
Coconut Oil Blueberry Treats









Frozen Coconut Oil and Blueberry Dog Treats

For more treats to be made, please click on the link below.

Valentine’s Day Dog Treats: Cranberry Hearts

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