Summer safe tips for you and your pup!



For some of us, the best time of the year is approaching! Summer time! The time of year when a lot of pups come out to sun bathe, tan, lounge, and just get some sun! Of course if you have a malamute your favorite part of summer is cooling off. But one thing a lot of furry and short haired dogs have in common is water love! Weather you have winter dogs or summer dogs, most of them like to cool off in some water. In popular local areas you will find dog parks that have a fenced off area in the water safe for dogs to swim! Other common areas we can have fun with water with our furry family members are near by rivers, lakes that are family and pet safe, kittie pools that you can purchase at your local pet store and take home, and sprinklers of all kinds. Who wouldn’t want a personal pool in the comfort of their own home? Or water park with a simple sprinkler if they like that kind of water action! There’s so many ways to cool down and they all sound like so much fun, and they are, but i wanted to inform you about something most of us don’t know, or didnt know or have never even heard about.
Dry drowning, something i have never heard of until i knew a dog that had passed away from it. Also something that i would love to share to help inform everyone so we can do our best to be safe with our fur pups in, out and around the water! Dry drowning is when your dog inhales little to a lot of water. Some signs and symptoms don’t show up right away but I’ll tell you some thing’s to look for in case your noticing odd thing’s but can’t figure it out. Not to long after a swim a dog will experience breathing problems, odd breathing sounds, posture change, weak pulse, hypothermia and loss of conciousness. There is treatment in some cases if the dog has not ingested large amounts of water, but its different for all dogs. Even small amounts of water can be fatal. In every situation of dogs inhaling water can be serious. And it’s very important to watch for any signs during and after any water play. Now I understand how it can be hard to limit your dogs fun but its also for safety reasons. One way to let your dogs get all the fun in they want with some peace of mind that they aren’t inhaling to much water are life jackets! Yes they make them for dogs. And they work great!! They help even more with keeping the dogs head afloat while swimming! Now with these hot summer months ahead of us and for those water lovers, life jackets are going to be a wonderful tool to keep that water out of those lungs! There’s a life jacket for each and every water loving pup out there. Some water pups love the life jacket as it already helps keep them afloat, it also can be comforting for dogs that aren’t ready to swim, or haven’t tried it yet. A life jacket can be encouraging or just simply add a componet of safety to the fur pup. Shopping around for your pups is always fun to. Just thinking about swimming and summer safety gets me wanting to take my pups out! Always play safe and play happy!

For more info on dry drowning visit the link below

For more info on dog life jackets visit the link below


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