Spring is ruff

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. The pond is full and the frogs are coming out! Us moon Dogs are so excited for the wet days ahead! Swimming in the pond, running in the creeks along the property, and shower time at the end of the day to wash some of us dirt rollers off before we go home! With the heat getting hotter and days getting longer, the guardians will do their best to accommodate and/or customize our exercise routine so we are comfortable and satisfied! Our moon dog pack has been expanding and I will share some pictures below, there is another post further back that will touch base about dog water safety and summer heat tips for you pups! So much has been changing and moving forward in such a positive way here at Moon Dog Lodge! The information and training us guardians have been receiving is so important and beneficial to us while we are out in the field with dogs and constantly watching dog behavior and communication. We do out very best at helping keep the dogs safe while having fun and receiving a full release with safe play and communication among the other dogs at daycare! Our Moon Dogs come first!

































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