Spring is in the air!

I believe we are seeing some warmer days ahead of us! We all know what that means for some of us, well mainly me. Allergies. I’ve looked into different remedies for treating allergies because i’m not the only one who becomes a victim to the spring season. Some of us have these lovely creatures on four legs and covered in fur that have been known to have bad reactions to allergies as well as us humans. It’s much harder to pin point exactly what allergen a dog is reacting to but we can do out best to keep them comfortable and healthy! Im sure a lot of you may be fimilar with Goats milk. It’s a wonderful addative to your dogs daily diet! Seeing a vet before using this product is reccommended as you may have reactions your not fimilar with and may want know the correct dose as to weight and how much per meal! I have a pup of my own on goats milk as she has severe skin allergies. After years of being on and off all different types of steroids and anti-bodi injections we decided to take a break and try a more natural approach. Goats milk! There are so many benefits to your dog drinking goats milk as for one, it’s rich in lactase enzyme, aiding in the digestion of lactose. Goats milk contains a higher evolved carotene (Pro Vitamin A) which is believed to have cancer preventing properties! Goats milk helps increase the pH of the blood stream as it is the highest in amino acid L- glutamine which is an alkalinizing amino acid. It has been known to cure many disease’s and help with many allergies! Every pet should expierence the benefits of raw goats milk! For more info on Raw goats milk, head on over to the makers and get some answers 😉

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Another incredible remedy that is given to us by a tiny little creature is Bee pollen! Yes from bee’s! Even for yourself if those allergies are just to much, start taking some bee pollen. Recommended to find local raw honey in your area or a local bee farm and purchase some bee pollen! I would also recommend checking with your vet before giving a dosage to your fur pup to treat allergies or use as a health supplement as side effects can happen. But as you know, and if you don’t know, Bee pollen is sold as a health supplement! It has been know for it’s proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzyme’s and other nutrients. Approximately half of it’s protein is made up of free-form amino acids which requires no digestion; they are immediately absorbed and utilized in the body! It helps improve energy, endurance, and vitality, speeds recovery from illness or injury, helps gain weight, helps the over weight loose weight, reduces cravings, addictions, fights infectious disease, boosts immunity, improves intestinal function, increases fertility and also helps prevent cancer! So many good things how can you not already have it!! Canine athletes are fed bee pollen to improve their strength and stamina. I had no idea! So many good things and good for so many things! Start thinking about your animals or family members and think about raw goats milk or bee pollen can be beneficial to their health and life style. Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food! Visit below to check out some more natural remedies for Allergies in pets!



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