So many dog jobs

So many dog jobs, it makes it that much harder to choose what direction you want to go in, in the dog world. I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and now that I’ve been a part of the dog world for 6 years now, I have a hard time deciding what to do next. Finally being an official dog trainer will definitely open my options more, and I will already have the basic knowledge needed for training a dog. The next steps are learning the dogs jobs, what they do, their purpose, how to train them for that specific job…etc. It goes on! There’s therapy dogs, canine patrol and detection dogs that work with police officers, there’s bomb dogs that help in war, searching for bombs and jumping out of planes and helicopters. There are airport jobs for dogs, if items are left behind on a plane they have had the dog go find that person in the airport hopefully before they leave, also at the airport there are dogs that make sure the run way is clear for take off and landing the plane. Sometimes there’s birds on the runway and the dogs chase after them getting them out of the way of the leaving or landing plane. Dogs are also being used in court houses. Anyone that needs to testify and they are nervous, a child, scared or uncomfortable or don’t want to testify at all, they get to have a therapy dog sit with them in the stand. The dogs job is to comfort the person, add a sense of safety and support for children and adults. They have dogs in public schools to help children read and boost their confidence reading to a dog as the dog won’t correct them if they mess up and genuinely wants to be there with the child. It really changes that child’s confidence and gives them the opportunity to do a good job without being told or corrected that they are wrong. There’s dog that go out in nature and help find the most amazing mushrooms, they mushroom hunt. Mushrooms aren’t the only thing that dogs search for in the forest. They also sniff out invasive weeds that are taking over national parks, specific areas in the forest, or areas they aren’t supposed to be growing in. They find the plant that started it all and we are able to take them out and keep the forests and land beautiful and natural. We also have search and rescue, which is where I am most interested in learning. They have amazing noses that can sniff out people to save their life. Search and rescue dogs have many jobs, some include natural disasters, on snowy mountains, after forest fires happened, and even on trails. They have the motivation and drive to search and rescue people in any disaster that has happened. I have also heard that dogs who haven’t found anyone or been successful in search and rescue can get depressed. Their job is search and rescue, not search and move on. In one situation where search and rescue dogs were needed, they weren’t finding anyone, and they were loosing their motivation to keep looking. So they had their own fire fighting men hide in different places so they dogs could have a chance to find someone and lift their motivation and confidence back up! Every dog in every job genuinely loves what they do! I highly respect people and companies that recognize if a dog doesn’t want to do that job, it’s completely fair that some dogs just want to be dog, they don’t want a job. And vise versa, some dogs NEED a job and therfore we do out best to find so many different needs for dogs in this world. Medicine is constantly changing and medicine dogs are becoming more and more in demand as people need a dog that can tell them their about to have a seizure and need to sit down or get somewhere safe, some dogs alert parents when the child needs insulin cause the child is asleep and could possibly go into a coma for not receiving insulin when the body needed it. Dogs are incredible beings and everyday this world needs more and more of them. I want to be a part of that! I want to have dogs that make a difference in this world, someone’s life, even my own! To me, dogs are life!

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