FrecklesA DOG’S DAY SERVICE – Our Social off leash free range daycare adventures are outstanding!

If your dog is well socialized and loves off leash play with the freedom to frolic in wide-open spaces this is the ultimate care for your furry family member. Our one of a kind communal program is an absolutely wonderful alternative to traditional kenneling facilities.

Moon Dog Lodge provides fabulous social opportunities and exercise through a well guided daily program lead by our educated guardians (staff; please see info tab for more detailed information.) Exercise is an important focus out at the ranch and we embrace the great outdoors to the maximum. After all, we are a “ranch” Yeeehaw! We keep our numbers small so that each dog is honored individually with sensitivity and understanding given to his or her needs and desires. Growing a relationship with our Moon dogs individually and as a pack is of great importance in building good communication, trust and ultimately reassurance of the love and devotion that we have for them when they are in our care.  This is what should be experienced by your precious pups while they are away from home.

Walking in snow with pups

DOWNTIME is an vital component to a dog’s day. It is not always true that a tired dog is a happy dog. All creatures must have space to calm themselves, relax, sleep…reboot. We dedicate an hour at the lodge to this downtime mid day every day. Moon Dog honors this break in the day as an essential part of a dog’s well-being and in return this important space allows well-adjusted dogs for our ranch program and when they return home.

Sleeping in the hayFREEDOM TO MOVE inside and outside up at the lodge is always made available for potty breaks, social activity, or just sunbathing in our backyard area that is connected to the lodge. We utilize the whole 20 acre property for exercise and play throughout the day through a well thought out program. We are mindful of the seasons and the sometimes extreme temperature challenges that can occur in Central Oregon. Our program is carefully modified as needed to care take our pack members appropriately.

Dogs are guided at all times and managed with only compassionate methods (please see 100% dedicated under info tab.) Moon Dog Lodge’s communal program offers a unique concept that provides a healthy enjoyable experience of good buddies, good spaces…Entertaining outside terrain and comfy inside relaxation zones that care take a dog’s body, mind, and spirit. At the end of the day Moon Dog equals very pleased pups and families!

CUSTOMIZED CARE for elders or physically challenged dogs (some restrictions apply) customized care can be set up. Specialized thoughtful arrangement to our daily program for some of our Moon dogs is needed and provides them with a opportunity to experience as much happiness and release as possible without compromising their physical comfort. Many of our elder dogs stay with our program up until their last days. Being part of a well balanced established pack in one shape or form, even if they are not as mobile as they use to be can really lift an elder dog’s spirit and offer a beautiful social quality of life in the slower years.



MOON MOBILE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE: We apologize, this service is no longer available. 



LODGING (alternative boarding) SERVICE – Gift your dog an experience with Moon Dog and they will be fulfilled with an abundance of love and happiness while you travel.

This service is all in inclusive and joins in with our daily Dog Day program to offer an exceptional service that you just can not find in any other dog care service or standard facility. Moon Dog’s unique dog care and philosophy puts into play healthy well managed socialization, guided free range physical release, and restful siestas midday in our comfy lodge for well balanced dogs during the active hours out on the ranch. Our Dog Day program starts to wind down around 4 pm as families return to pick up their furry family members. During this time frame we gradually transition into a time of settling in for the evening hours of relaxation. by 6 pm all Dog Day dogs have headed home and we shift to caretaking our loging dogs and moving gently through the evening routine of dinner, evening lounging inside or outside, weather permitting in the lodge back yard area. In addition Moon Dog practices a variety of calming therapies for all guest dogs both midday (Siestas) and into the evening hours with our lodging dog’s. Our lodge is as a communal space. We do provide plenty of comfortable and clean bedding and snuggly blankets. A welcoming and restful place for happy Zzzzz’s is essential to the overall wellness of a dog as they actually require a great deal more sleep then humans do. This becomes especially crucial when they are away from home and they are in a new environment this can easily be disrupted as they acclimate to new sounds, smells, and experiences. Moon Dog has studied dogs and dog care for many years and understands this very basic need that often gets overlooked in other dog care services. All this being noted, we do ask all lodging dogs to bring their own bedding and blankets at each visit. This is of great importance as we often forget how powerful a dog’s nose is! Family pack aromas from home offer comfort and truly sooth dogs in many many ways when they are tired, overly stimulated, or feeling unsure and missing their family. Although Moon Dog is a open space communal service we do also accommodate dog crates (we call them dog “caves.) If your pup sees a crate as a sanctuary then we do encourage this extra comfort. Dogs come from den dwelling ancestry, if a domestic dog has been introduced to a crate in a positive form through compassionate education (training) many will view it as their own personal relaxation safe zone…Like a traveling bedroom or perhaps like an RV that they can retire to when they wish. We do not provide “caves” but we do store a handful of them in our lodge that dogs can utilize if they wish and we have plenty of storage in our shop for “caves” when they are not in use if needed.

Dog’s always have the freedom to move inside and outside as they wish in the evening hours while under watchful eye up until our last potty break at roughly 10 pm. Once all dogs have revealed themselves they are escorted back inside and guided to their space to settle in for a nights slumber. Moon Dog begins our morning at a decent early am hour with our “lodging” dogs. This starts off with an appropriate potty break and then B-fast. At 7 am our “Dog Day” pack starts to arrive and guided greetings and socializing take place as the lodging dogs and Dog Day dogs mingle and our morning unfolds. At 9 am we close entry to the property as the Moon Dog pack takes over the property to enjoy their daily routine of ranch adventures!  (Please see above under info tab for additional detailed information.)

Moon Dog Lodge’s educated attentive care, unique philosophy, safety protocols, and additional nurturing components sets us far apart from other pet care providers. We simply have found a very special niche that defines our professional line of work and extraordinary dog care that our Moon Dog families find extremely valuable. We are honored to be able to care take these fabulous furry family members through out the years!

Sharing Good Friends, Good spaces, & Good love