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As much as I love talking about dog trainers and which ones can positively help humans and their dogs, there’s one in particular that specializes in dog aggression and he’s located across the country in New York. Some of you may know him or have heard of him, his name is Tom Davis and he also goes by “Americas Canine Educator”. He’s a dog gone good one 😉 He has many, many, many video clips on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook from teaching your dog to sit to rehabilitating a human aggressive dog within 20mins. He walks you step by step, explains everything he’s doing while he’s doing it and he has a great energy about him when he is working with all dogs. He is truly an amazing canine educator.

I know I touched base on some local trainers here in town and who to contact for questions but I didn’t think about the high demand for dog aggression training. Tom Davis could also be a great option. If you have a dog or know someone who has a dog that is reactive, uncontrollable and has been suggested to be put down, try watching Tom Davis! He has saved a German Shepherd’s life from being euthanized for being extremely reactive to all humans and dogs. The vets this dog visited feared him and also suggested he be euthanized. Within 20mins of this German Shepherd working with Tom Davis you see an amazing shift in the dog’s behavior and body language when it is given guidance that it never received before. Thats just one example out of many.

Don’t be to hard on yourselves if you can’t get your dog to stop being reactive, or you need help. There’s help out there! Tom Davis acknowledges people not knowing how to train their dog “you can’t do it wrong, if you weren’t taught how to do it right”. So if you feel like your needing help or even just have a few questions, ask some dog trainers. If one doesn’t make sense, ask a few more dog trainers. Get different opinions, dog trainers only know so much but yet are constantly learning. One may know more or something different than the other when it comes to helping you and your dog. Put your dog first and you will be very pleased with how well behaved you can have you furry family member! Seek out different methods of training, skills and knowledge can grow your relationship with your dog and set both of you on a healthy path to success. To learn and see more, click links below.





America’s Canine Educator

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