Not so much a dog pawliday

For what I have experienced, fireworks are not so dog friendly. Some dogs don’t mind them at all, and if yours don’t then enjoy every one of those wonderful explosions. One of the holiday’s that most of us love that involve explosions is approaching us quickly. Most of you know about the 4th of July, and how it involves all different shapes, sizes and colors of fireworks. Something we all get excited about and can’t wait to light them off and see them shoot into the sky and burst into all different colors of flying sparks on fire. Sounds wonderful right!? Well I believe some of our fur pups can disagree about theses “wonderful” balls of fire shooting into the sky followed by the explosion sound. On this specific holiday dogs have been known to turn into magicians and escape trying to find a safe space to get away from the loud explosions. I would love to share some tips on keeping your animal safe and comfortable as best as you can for those exploding nights ahead of us! Dogs ears are much more sensitive than ours, they can hear far more better than humans can. If you look at your dogs ears, have you noticed that they perk up when they hear a sound, or if your dogs ears stand up you will see them turn their ears in the direction the sound came from. I know it sounds silly but your dogs have mobile ears. No they cant run away but they move to the direction the sound comes from. Now if your dog has ears standing up then they actually have slightly better hearing than dogs with ears flapped over. Not a drastic change at all but a very slight change. Some dogs that I have met in my life time have been born with no cartilage in their ears, or an injury happens that ruins the cartilage in their ear making it limp and un mobile. In that case, that specific ear or ears with no cartilage will have a slightly harder time hearing from far distances. However, depending on how far you are from the fireworks can help make a difference in your dogs comfort as well. So plan ahead, pick a spot that you know will be a fair distance away from you pup for him/her to be comfortable. Exercise you dog, as an exhausted pup may have an easier time settling in at night. Play some music or leave a sound machine on, maybe even a bone or Kong to keep them busy. ┬áSome dogs like having their own covered crate or a space of comfort where they can relax their furry bods. Or maybe you want to try another approach with essential oil therapy. I am a first hand witness with my own fur pups that essential oil therapy is a real wonderful to! For those unfimilar with essential oil therapy – please see link below. Sometimes all the above is needed to help you pup be happy and comfortable while you enjoy the fireworks! If you have tried all the above and feel that it just isn’t working out for your pup I would suggest you see a vet for his/her advice and knowledge on the matter. I hope you all have a fun filled, knowledgable, happy learning experience on this years 4th of July!


-Jamie Boggess


Source: Personal experience, and knowledge from local veterinarians for my own dogs!

Essential oil therapy link below:

Essential Oils


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