New year

Excited to start another year here at Moon Dog Lodge! We have new pups to say hello to and some pups that crossed the rainbow bridge as we said our “See ya Laters.” It had been a great 2017 and were very excited to go into 2018 with new guardians, pups and attitudes. We still have yet to have a real snow day, we have not had more than an inch of snow that melted by noon the same day. I think some of the pups are thankful for no snow and i think some pups are still waiting for the day we have a real snow day, i’m with the pups that are waiting for a real snow day. We are enjoying our sun shine and warmth for now and continue to keep operating as safe as possible with the guidance and knowledge our amazing owner/boss provides and trains us with! Soon we will all be First aid & CPR certified to further our knowledge and give us a better understanding with any situations that could come our way. We are educated dog lovers and love what we do!
Here are some pups we have welcomed to Moon Dog Lodge and some we got the amazing opportunity to get to know!


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