Never stop learning

My whole life I’ve been with dogs. From my child hood going into my adult hood. I loved dogs, I even had a dog day care name picked out, the kind of dogs I wanted and their names written down. Dogs have always been a part of my life, and as far as I can remember, and they will continue to be a part of my life for as long as I’m here. Throughout all the dogs I’ve had the opportunity to know growing up, have all given me different learning expierences. Some people i’ve heard say dogs are dogs and they’re all the same, and that’s where I beg to differ. I’ve had the easy lazy lab, the challenging giant malamute and something we don’t hear about often is the ever so challenging health issues. I feel like I’ve had it all and learned it all. But yet its what I take away from each and every one of them that makes what I learned so different. Yes of course they all learned the common sit, stay, lay down, treat…..etc. Even though I may have taught them all the same commands, they taught me more than I can truly express in words. Some of the biggest lessons dogs can give, are given after they have done their job! What I mean by that, I mean that they truly leave an impact on our heart. And I’m sure you have all heard the saying “you don’t know what you got till its gone”. Well, it really couldn’t be more true. How ever you would like to believe it, every dog has its purpose. Even if you can’t think if it right now, one way or another you have done something differently because of a dog you have had or a family or friends dog you have had in your life. Whatever connection you had, it will stick with you. One day when you get your own dog, or another dog, there is something you take with you on that journey with your new furry family member that came from your last. Like i said, even if its something small, like the way you will spoil them, what toys you know are going to last and what wont. Even through training, you’ll learn that not every dog will learn the same, or as fast, or can do the same tricks. Sometimes you’ll realize that all these little things you are doing, came from a learning experience you had with a previous dog of your own, a family dog, a friends dog, or even a dog sitting job you have once done before. I truly believe that in one way or another, dogs leave an impact on us and some of us may not even know it…..yet. Dogs are teachers is something i have heard multiple times, from myself mostly. I tell myself that in times where i can’t figure something out, or im struggling with a decision, or training technique. I stop and will ask, what are they teaching me right now? What are they trying to tell me? Sometimes during these moments of frustration its because they are trying to tell us something, and how we choose to listen will lead on us a path of an understanding that will start to make sense. And it’s all because of these amazing furry little creatures put here on earth for us to discover, and i bet that each and every one of you can describe a moment or experience you have had with a dog that you wont ever forget! Dogs! You’ll never stop learning!

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