Moon Dog Talk

As summer came to an end here at Moon Dog Lodge we all prepare to say “see you later” to our most favorite friend, the Pond. Day after day it slowly lowers and lowers into the ground. The dogs observe in confusion and realize they are able to walk across the whole pond which doesn’t happen when it’s full. We no longer bring toys to the pond as it’s to shallow for them to jump off the edges. It has become a stop and sniff check point during daycare. All the dogs enjoy the new smells as the pond becomes more shallow, some love to squish around in the mud getting it between each pad on their paws. Some roll their entire bodies in it completely turning into a mud covered dog. Its a sight! Apparently pond mud smells so good its worth rolling in and getting all over their body as fast as they can. Yet all the dogs know we do small showers at the end of the day so they don’t stay covered in mud for their rarrival home. I think all the dogs see it as “worth it” when shower time comes. One it fully dries up it no longer becomes an interesting check point and a lot of the dogs just walk, run and play right past it. Its still fun for us humans to stand in the pond and get great dog pictures of them looking regal standing on the edge! Great lighting from that angle. While we prepare for the winter we may loose a pond friend but we gain leaf piles for the dogs to run through, pumpkins to take photo shoots by, hay bales to play on, rainy days to create natural mud puddles for those water/mud lovers and what us dogs are humans are waiting for….Snow!!!! Enjoy these fall pictures as we prepare for our first snow days and check back for our next post!





















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