If it’s love it’s love

When winter time decides that spring time is the best time to come you bundle up even longer during the cold weather. You’ll probably wear a jacket and some boots and possibly get a cold. But hey, your dog its just like your dog. Do they have a long enough coat to keep their bodies warm in low temperatures or do they need a jacket? Does your dogs long fur collect snow balls like velcro or have super short naked paws and need booties? And yes I will ask, are they coughing, sneezing, not eating/drinking cause they may also have a cold. Everything that comes with being a human in cold winter temperatures goes the same for your fur children. Not all dogs need a coat, booties or ever get sick but how often do you think of those things when you think about them for yourself on a daily basis. Some dogs Need jackets for their short haired coats, some dogs Need booties for their naked paws or long haired feet, some dogs get cold and obviously they can’t tell us but it’s up to You to know the symptoms and assess your pup. Living in Bend, Oregon you have plenty of exploring to do and sometimes our pups get into the wrong things like garbage, dead animals, rattle snakes, skunks, other dogs and other animals and yet we always want to make sure they are at their best health when experiencing those things. Hopefully your pups never encounter some of those things. But you never know what can happen, so are you prepared? Do you have a vet for your dog? Having a vet for your dog is so important as you, your dog and vet will build a relationship and when scary things happen, your dog will know that the vet is there to help and will hopefully see the vet as a positive. Have you thought about what vet you’re looking for? Maybe a holistic one as you know that western meds aren’t your route for specific things. Maybe an alternative vet that has studied western medicine and alternative/Chinese medicine. Maybe a western vet for serious scenarios or just for general shots and check ups. I feel like most of us want the best deal, but the best deal is having a vet that TRULY loves your pet and is dedicated to helping your pets get better. There’s nothing better than a vet that can understand your pup the best, next to you! Here in Bend, Oregon we have some amazing Veterinarians that are TRULY dedicated to helping your pets. Some highly recommended vets here in Bend, Oregon from Moon Dog Lodge would be, “Heart to Heart Connections” by Bernadette and she is a Holistic vet only. She has many holistic practices under her belt. She’s also an animal communicator and is quite amazing. She is located outside of Bend, Oregon but travels here once a month for 2 days. So to get in to see her is a gift! We also have another favorite at “Four Paws Welness Center” named Steve. He’s a western medicine and alternative medicine vet. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the dogs physical body inside and out. He makes his first appointments to be 1 hour long so he can get to know your pup. I think that’s so inportant! For western medicine vets I’d like to recommend “Central Oregon Animal Hospital” and Dr. Douglas is who i personally saw. He was great, ver determined and confident.  They have all been such wonderful veterinarians and pups all over the world deserve vet like the ones here in Bend, Oregon!

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