Cheers Moon Dogs

A new year is exciting, but how exciting is it really? I mean for someone like me, who basically lives around multiple different dogs at all times just sees it as another new day. I love how dogs see holiday’s, just another day. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather spend “the holiday’s” with my dogs than with family. Dont get me wrong, I love them. But were not meant to all get together and that’s okay, some families aren’t and I’m okay with that. Cause then I get to spend more one on one time and that’s more valuable to me. Just like I learned from dogs, one on one attention is the best. Which, going into dog care, is our number one priority with the dogs here at Moon Dog Lodge, our individual relationships with each pup. We genuinely love and care for each individual pup as they are and build relationships and bonds as they continue to grow and blossom with us! It’s truly rewarding to have a pup come to daycare for their 1st time and not know how to feel, mom isn’t around so they dont have their safety net, and yet within hours, sometimes minutes we see a part of them blossom that tells us “they can do it”. Over time they act like coming to daycare is just another part of their day and were finally friends with them and they excitedly come into daycare instead of resisting on the lead and watching mom leave and start crying as they leave like a kindergartner when mom leaves the class room. It’s awesome! Building trust with an animal is so important and so rewarding that it also becomes harder when we have to say “See you later”. As the new year hit I’ve been notified that a couple Moon Dogs have moved on and that I’ll be seeing later in life. I’d like to dedicated this little blog spot for the 2 pups that “Once a moon dog, always a moon dog” we have had the sweet honor of knowing. Finn and C.J who will always be moon dogs and are always loved by the guardians at Moon Dog Lodge. When spending time with family during this holiday season don’t forget to hug the furry ones also! 

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