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Pawsome Car Rides

Do you or someone you know have some sort of restraint for your dog in the car? Does the dog ride in a crate or is he or she harnessed and seat belted in? Does your dog even need one? I’ve noticed over the years that dog seat belts attached to a harness have become more common for dogs in the car. Restraining dogs in the car has been known to help dogs with car anxiety as it gives dogs less space to manage and therefore can offer a degree of relaxation once they have been properly acclimated with this boundary system. Depending on your dog, they may really welcome this feeling of being crated or harnessed in. It will also keep them safe while riding in the car. Puppies are good candidates for harness in the car as they are little thrill seekers and tend to move all about in the car which is distracting to the driver and ultimately unsafe. But crates are often best for puppies due to chewing factors, which can also take place with older dogs if they have high anxiety challenges. If a harness seems like a good option for your dogs I would like to share as a local here in Bend Oregon and mutual dog lover brands that I’ve seen and used and that are highly reviewed. Bend is known for its dog loving community and high quality dog gear businesses that tend to our furry family members. We all want our family members to travel safe and comfortable using products that do the job correctly and last! Every dog is different, no one brand fits all and it can be fun to try out different harnesses and basically play dress up with your dog till you find the right fit. Below I have noted some links for you and your dog to check out that have been know to be a good resource for safe and reliable harnesses and gear plus a whole lot more! We wish you and your dog nothing but safe and comfortable travels around town and to and from Bend!

Ruff Wear has many items to offer for your dog from harnesses to sleeping bags, outdoor beds, toys, travel bags and travel bowls, this can be a great stop in Bend, Oregon

Bendy Dog has all the leads and collars you would ever need. They have travels items as well, treats, maps to dog parks in Bend, dog friendly trails, recommended vets and hotels!

Bend Pet Express is a great spot to wash your dog after a fun Bend, Oregon vacation! Get their nails clipped for the central Oregon hikes, groomed for the beautiful fall days ahead, fed with high quality treats and food, so many toys they will try to grab more than one and a very knowledgable staff to help with finding the right food for your dog! No one diet fits all! As well as many different harnesses for you dog. They help fit the harness, they will happily order one for you if they don’t have have it!


I recommend to check with your local pet stores about bringing your dog inside as leash laws are different from state to state and please see your vet for health questions concerning your dog before switching foods!

Thanks for checking out some pawesome dog loving businesses from Bend, Oregon and hearing from a local, happy, private dog boarding ranch!


Dogs & Algae

During these hot summer months some of us make plans to take our dogs to the lake, the river or ponds to cool down and swim. While most dogs love the water and enjoy swimming, there can be precautions to take depending on where you go. Algae will grow in any water, warm or cold… Continue Reading

Dog Gone Cheat Grass

In most of North America we have an invasive weed known as cheat grass. It will take over fields and crops as it starts to grow earlier than most native plants in the spring and it can grow in cool weather. It can grow 6 to 24 inches, its roots systems are so extensive that… Continue Reading

Canine Cancer

When the word Cancer is mentioned in a conversation it can really get someone’s attention. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and is becoming increasingly popular among canines. According to WebMD’s latest statistics, the leading cause of death for dogs over 10 years of age was cancer. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in elder dogs,… Continue Reading

Online dog help

As much as I love talking about dog trainers and which ones can positively help humans and their dogs, there’s one in particular that specializes in dog aggression and he’s located across the country in New York. Some of you may know him or have heard of him, his name is Tom Davis and he… Continue Reading

If it’s love it’s love

When winter time decides that spring time is the best time to come you bundle up even longer during the cold weather. You’ll probably wear a jacket and some boots and possibly get a cold. But hey, your dog its just like your dog. Do they have a long enough coat to keep their bodies… Continue Reading

Cheers Moon Dogs

A new year is exciting, but how exciting is it really? I mean for someone like me, who basically lives around multiple different dogs at all times just sees it as another new day. I love how dogs see holiday’s, just another day. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather spend “the holiday’s” with my… Continue Reading

Ending the year on a Pawsitive step

Every year comes to an end, everyone starts preparing for the new year, new traditions, new habits, new goals, new resolutions and yet the “new year” is just tomorrow. I like to think of the new year as a continuation to my forever growing and changing life. It’s more time and more opportunity to grow… Continue Reading

Fall dogs

Hey there, as we head into the season of fall some of you with dogs may have noticed your pets have become more itchy. Licking their Paws and belly and possibly the tail, some may be sneezing a bit more, and some may not be itchy or sneezing at all. But fall has arrived! As… Continue Reading

So many dog jobs

So many dog jobs, it makes it that much harder to choose what direction you want to go in, in the dog world. I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and now that I’ve been a part of the dog world for 6 years now, I have a hard time deciding… Continue Reading