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Fb- KanaHowdy dog families,
Inez here, welcoming you to explore Moon Dog Lodge’s communal “pack” oriented daycare and boarding service. Our guest ranch for dogs provides an exceptional high standard of dog care. Our 5 star track record is a reflection of the investment we make in the education of our MDL guardians (crew).  Our Moon Dog philosophy and dedication for what we do comes from the soul. The unique quality of our program requires knowledgeable dog lovers with skills and an in depth understanding of the animal they care for. We provide our crew the opportunity to grow their knowledge through our specific education program for our guardians on the understanding of the basics of dog culture, dog behavior, dog leadership and dog and humans communication skills. This knowledge and the understanding of Moon Dog’s philosophy offers our guardians a fascinating and inspirational experience like no other. We hope our guardians will share the wisdom that they gain at Moon Dog with family, friends, and beyond. We believe that what they experience here at the ranch will only make the world a better place. Our guardians are a valuable part of the goodness that we encompass at Moon dog. IMG_1668-sm

Another key component that makes Moon Dog exceptional is our choice to offer a small and intimate service that allows us the time and energy to focus on each individual dog within our pack. This is huge in truly care taking a dog’s body, mind, and spirit. The best dog caretakers understand that they must be present in the moment, balanced in calmness, and consistent in leadership. Dogs are pack animals and naturally recognize when this stability is offered. This lays the foundation for dogs to truly feel safe and trust that they are in good human hands that will always have their best interest first and foremost.  We cherish the ability to build a full spectrum relationship with our Moon dogs. Our one on one dog care and one of a kind dog community gifts a very rich and healthy experience for both dogs and guardians. With 30 + years of being in the dog care industry; you can trust that Moon Dog has the knowledge, dedication, and professionalism to provide a well structured and thoughtful program that offers nothing but an outstanding standard of care. We simply have found a very special niche and practice a very different type of philosophy that defines us. We are proud of what we provide and our Moon Dog families find it extremely valuable. We are honored to care take these precious family members!

What is a moon dog? It is the bright circular spot on a Lunar halo caused by the refraction of moonlight by hexagonal-plate-shaped ice crystals in cirrostratus clouds. They are rare and must have just the right components.



Moon Dog Lodge is located in the lovely valley of Tumalo just 15 minutes north of Bend and 20 minutes from the Redmond Airport.  Our fenced in 20-acre property is a large part of our setting and we utilize the open space to the maximum. Our free form (off leash) social outdoor part of our program literally opens up the doors for a dog to be a dog and release physical energy in beautiful natural open spaces with good buddies! Whether they are youngsters, mid years, or beloved elders Moon Dog gifts an experience of joyful adventure, delightful social activity and nurturing relaxation.

Moon Dog is always sensitive to our Moon dog’s needs and will customize our outdoor program to make sure all dogs stay comfortable and happy. We honor the importance of balancing the social play with quite down time mid day and in the evening hours. Peaceful Zzzzz’s are essential for a dog’s health. Moon Dogs simple, down to Earth ranch style atmosphere provides a welcoming and comfortable space for dogs to flourish as a pack.

Our guardians provide guidance for our dog community with calm, confident, compassionate, and consistent leadership.


Fb-2gr field As briefly mentioned above, our staff (The Moon Dog Guardians) are educated dog lovers. Our human pack are trained specifically for our program through a well established company in the dog industry. This program is infused with Moon Dog’s unique philosophy and understanding of the dog world. These very special components offer our staff a wealth of valuable information about the whole canine animal – body, mind, and spirit. Much thought and energy is given to our interviewing and training process of our guardians. We seek individuals that have a deep connection to dogs and a drive to seek higher knowledge about the human-dog relationship. Moon Dog Lodge strives to give our guardians the tools and understanding they need to offer excellent leadership and build healthy loving relationships with our guest dogs. Moon Dog guardians are educated, invested, companionate, and loving guides and caretakers.



Inez with pupI am a Colorado girl at heart, born and raised in a small valley nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My younger days were full of many wonderful outdoor adventures as I was blessed to grow up on my families 3200 acre working Guest Ranch. My Colorado home, Sylvan Dale Ranch, has been in our family for over 70 years raising quarter horses, grass fed free range beef, alfalfa, and bringing great joy to many people from all over the world with the fantastic world of guest ranching. I am very proud of my family and home as Sylvan Dale Ranch has always functioned with open arms embracing and celebrating the goodness of family, hard work and the natural environment. We have always been a head of the curve practicing responsible land and livestock management and protecting the lands for future generations by installing conservation easements on large parts of our property to ensure future generations an opportunity to experience this small but precious gem on Earth, its one magical place! Check it out if you get the chance! sylvandale.com

Inez Good DogsNeedless to say my upbringing instilled an awe and respect for nature and all her creatures and of course, I’m sure you can imagine, DOGS were always a huge part of the landscape! 15 years ago my husband’s work as a wildlife biologist brought our family to Bend, Oregon. We were thrilled! What a perfect place to live and watch our boys grow. Now young men, our kidos are off on their own adventures. I am proud to say they are very loving, handsome, talented, active individuals with outstanding spirits. They now live in Portland, I am thrilled they are just over the mountain! I am truly fortunate to have a family that supports my passion for animals and cherishes all the grand things in life…family, friends, the great outdoors and all its inhabitants, good food, art, music, laughter and last but certainly not least, we love each other.

As life journeys on here in Oregon and I professionally purse Moon Dog Lodge, I am humbled to roam the beauty of this wonderful part of the planet with such extraordinary beasts. Moving in the great outdoors at Moon Dog Lodge with a pack of canines is an experience that heightens your senses to a degree that many have forgotten, and with great delight it gifts both humans and dogs a time to connect in the now and remind us of the intuitive blessed creatures we all are.

Dogs swimming at Moon Dog Lodge

Dogs are profoundly aware creatures that demonstrate to each of us how to take the world in a loving embrace in each moment. They share their amazing insight and wisdom each and every day through cool wet noses, wiggly bodies, thumping tails, slobbery sticks and balls, grunts, growls, and howls, heads to the ground in hot pursuit, furry faces out the window, glee in seeing an old buddy or finding a new one, sprints down the road, kisses, nuzzles, thoughtful quiet gazes, a spirit of youthful elation, flying over sagebrush and darting between ponderosa in the woods, peaceful snoozes, forgiving licks, excitable greetings at the front door, mournful expressions as you leave without them, dinner dances, and the list could go on and on…

Dogs are truly a precious part of our universe and are far more then exceptional best friends.

I am grateful to have the opportunities to expand my knowledge of canines by taking classes, chatting with educated dog folk and through a variety of literature through the years and beyond.  We are always learning and growing with our knowledge of these very special animals dogs are and the relationship we share with them. But what I find most fulfilling is the opportunity to observe and interact with these awesome beasts in a “dog community” environment. It is a glimpse into a world (I think) we humans secretly admire.

Always wishing you much love, inspiration, and discovery with a dog by your side.






  • Born and raised on a working guest ranch gifted me with priceless background of animal knowledge, awareness, and understanding.
  • 2 years caring for private horse ranches, dog sled teams, and rehabilitation work with a private rescue operation for abused and abandoned longhaired German Shepards in 1991 in Durango CO while pursuing a degree in illustration.
  • 4 years owning and operating “TLC” an all-animal care house and ranch sitting service in Manhattan KS.
  • 6 years in Bend Oregon owning and operating “STRUTT YOUR MUTT,” a professional (legal special use permit) trail guide service for dogs and professional house sitting service.
  • 7 years in Tumalo Oregon owning and operating “MOON DOG LODGE,” a guest ranch for dogs, a professional alternative day care and boarding service.

“Sharing Good Friends, Good Space, & Good Love”