Moon Dog Lodge

A guest ranch for dogs…

Offering outstanding alternative day care and boarding.

Shadow Moon Dog Lodge is an exceptional communal “pack” oriented dog care service. We are a private 20 acre ranch located in the lovely valley of Tumalo just 15 minutes north of Bend. We are a small scale and intimately focused service offering fantastic (20 acres) open space for our guided social free-form exercise field trips. Our simple and inviting down to Earth lodge and program is a wonderful treat for a dog to just be a dog. Moon Dog’s unique philosophy, genuine devotion, dog leadership, and natural ranch environment gifts dogs an amazing social atmosphere and physical release. We also recognize the need for tranquility and respectfully encompass relaxation and calmness through a variety of thoughtful techniques. What we offer goes above and beyond most services and any traditional kennel facility. Moon Dog has provided a top-notch alternative dog care service for many families for many years. This very special gathering space called Moon Dog provides 4 legged (sometimes 3 legged) family members a beautiful experience to come and be part of a dog community where they are truly understood and are given the care to flourish in all that is good for a dog when they can not be with their family pack.

Mission: To nurture your dog’s body, mind, and spirit

We are dedicated to the culture of canines and honor the animals they are through educated awareness, understanding, and trustworthy leadership. This ultimately equals gold when it comes to seeking out the best care for your dogs when you are at work or traveling.


PawFor literally thousand of years, the dog has been humankind’s closest ally. It was almost certainly the first animal to be domesticated, and perhaps no other species has been so useful to us, so loyal, nor so well loved. Dogs have guarded our homes and livestock, helped us hunt food and destroyed vermin, rescued people who have been caught in avalanches or lost, aided police and customs officers, guided the visually impaired, alerted people of seizures, detected illness, served polar explorers and even assisted in wartime and outer space! Probably their greatest and most enduring role, however, is that of devoted companion.

Auggie & FinnB dog bumsAnd they remain just that, our devoted companions, through the thick and thin…

“Sharing Good Friends, Good Spaces, & Good Love”