Rates / Hours


NEW DOG ORIENTATION required $35.00 (additional dog $10.00) See information tab for more details.

LODGING $60.00 per calendar day (additional dog 10.00)

Please note, lodging rate is by the calendar day. If you choose to pick up your pup during the morning hour option time frame noted below in family transport hours or have arranged Moon Mobile transport service (separate rate) you will be charged a $15.00 (additional dog $5.00) am care rate for that portion of care for that portion of that calendar day. If you choose to pick up your pup during the pm option time frame or have arranged Moon Mobile transport service (separate rate) in the pm the rate is the full calendar day rate of $60.00 (additional dog $10.00.)

Space is limited and books fast. It is best to email requested dates as soon as possible to check availability. We will always do our best to accommodate you!

TRANSPORTATION SERVICE “The Moon Mobile”: $10.00 per pick up & drop off (additional dog 5.00.)

This service is provided by reservation only. The Moon Mobile has specific times of operation and stops at two specific locations in town for your convenience. Only available Monday-Friday. Not available on major holidays.



FAMILY TRANSPORT HOURS: (subject to change)

Family Drop off at the ranch between 7:00-8:30 am seven days a week. 

Family Pick up at the ranch between 4:00-5 pm seven days a week

Our service starts in the morning only. This gives the appropriate social pack adjustment time and important am release (exercise) for a happy fun filled day that in turn gives a relaxed and peaceful eve for both pups and guardians.

Please note, Moon Dog Lodge is a private home and service, we are not a facility. We greatly appreciate your sensitivity, understanding, and honoring of the times that have been set aside for your family to drop off and pick up for our dog care service.


All reservations are arranged and scheduled through email at struttyourmutt@gmail.com after families have moved through the orientation process. Follow up to the orientation process provides each family with a final paper work packet which includes details on payments and our cancelation policy. All payments are made in full on line through our billing service to confirm a reservation. Because of the limited space for Moon Dog Lodge’s lodging service, and the consistent demand for this intimate dog care, we appreciate your understanding in committing to this type of care and our payment policies. In confirming one reservation another is excluded from this service. Cancellations can preclude others from this exceptional care taking and affects Moon Dog Lodges ability to efficiently manage its employees and clientele.


Moon Dog families provide all their dog’s food. Time away from the family pack can cause emotions to stir up in dogs, just like humans this can effect the digestion system. It is extremely helpful for dogs to stay consistent with their home diets to keep their tummies as balanced as possible. Please ALWAYS pack an extra 3-4 days of extra food, supplements, & medications as travel can often be unpredictable.  Many of our families feed raw or home made diets, we are prepared with the proper storage to accomodate all feeding needs. Please note that Moon Dog does charge a $25 fee (per “food run” and or “vet run”) if your dog runs out of their food, supplements, and or medications.

Please label all food containers with our dog’s name (includes can food, please label on the bottom of can)

If you have a certain procedure in prepping your dogs food along with certain am/pm medications/supplements to be added, please provide a typed (hand written is not always legible) note with am/pm instruction. This is extremely helpful in clarifying that all is given correctly.

Please provide the correct measuring cup for kibble, measuring spoons for supplements and medications. In addition can food lids are always greatly appreciated. Please label all items so we make sure it all returns home.

If you will be feeding a raw diet or homemade meals that have a great deal of prep involved please contact Inez via email to communicate your dogs meal prep needs. If you feed only kibble, for short visits please bring a small bag of food or pack in 2 large ziplock bags. Please ‘do not’ pack small ziplock bags of dry/wet food per meal.

If your dog will be at Moon Dog for an extended amount of time you are welcome to bring a new large of food or large plastic container. We have space to store large amounts of dry food.

Please label all bottles with your dog’s name and am and pm amounts and then place into a large zip lock bag with your dogs name on bag. Again, we appreciate when measuring spoons/cups are provided as needed.

A crate or kennel …”Caves” as Moon Dog likes to refer to them are encouraged if your dog understands this space to be a sanctuary at home or when they travel with you.  Dogs who are familiar with a structure like this recognized it as a comfort zone and appreciate the ability to use their cave when if feels good to them.  Because dogs come from den dwelling animals, if introduced to a crate in a healthy positive form early on in life they will often naturally seek out a space to take a break, snuggle in and catch some good Zzzz’s. All crates are provided by families. Moon Dog does provide storage of crates for your convenance.  Dog beds, blankets, and crates from home also offer important aromas and spaces that send reassuring comfort messages to dogs during times of adjustment of being away from the family. To a dog who’s nose is their number one tool the scent of their family pack is an important one and powerful at often relieving stress. There is no need to wash bedding or crate as long as it is clean and presentable.

Please have name on bottom of dog bowl with permanent marker (preferably a travel bowl, not ceramic.) A food bowl that a dog is familiar with can also give a great deal of comfort to a dog encouraging them to relax and eat regularly.

The above preparation is of great help in keeping your dog(s) on a healthy track with their meals, helping us stay organized and allowing us to function with efficiency. Thank you for the time and energy!

“Sharing Good Friends, Good Space, & Good Love”