FrecklesA DOG’S DAY (day care) – Social off leash open space adventures!

If your dog is well socialized and loves off leash play with the freedom to frolic in wide-open spaces this is the ultimate care for your furry family member! This one of a kind day care program is an absolutely wonderful alternative to kenneling or traditional day care facilities.

For dogs that have difficulties when left at home alone, not enough social opportunities, and or perhaps not enough exercise, this is the sweetest gift of dog care that you can give. Our day care service is kept small so that only the best care, exercise, and social outlets can be given along with understanding loving energy that should be experienced by your precious pup! Each dog is honored as an individual with sensitivity given to his or her needs. Moon Dog Lodge’s day care and boarding services both follow the same structured program giving the hounds security with a familiar schedule that they can rely on. Exercise is an important focus out at the ranch and we embrace the great outdoors to the maximum. After all, we are a “ranch” Yeeehaw!

Walking in snow with pupsExtreme temperatures are of course respected and our program is modified to best care take our guest dogs when Mother Nature throws certain temperature challenges our way. Both our services provide 2 full hours of socialized free form (off leash) exercise in the morning and late afternoon utilizing the full 20-acre fenced in property. Dogs are guided at all times and managed with only compassionate methods. This social outside exercise program offers enjoyment of interesting terrain and a wonderful body, mind, and spirit release. At the end of the day Moon Dog Lodge adds up to very pleased pups and peeps!

CUSTOMIZED CARE for elders or physically challenged dogs (some restrictions apply) can be set up and are always thoughtfully arranged to provide as much joy and release as possible without compromising their comfort level. For many dogs, still being part of the pack in one shape or form even if they are not as mobile as they use to be can be a huge lift to their spirits.

Sleeping in the hayDOWNTIME is as equally as important. It is not always true that a tired dog is a happy dog, especially in a multiple dog environment. All creatures must have space to calm themselves, relax, sleep…reboot. We dedicate an hour at the lodge to this downtime mid day every day. Moon Dog honors this break in the day as an essential part of a dog’s well-being and in return this important space allows well-adjusted dogs for our ranch day care and boarding program and when they return home.

FREEDOM TO MOVE inside and outside is always made available in our backyard areas closest to the Lodge. Larger outside areas on the property are accessed only during specific times. When at the Lodge we are at the pups beckon-call at all hours of the day and early evening (for sleepovers): if they need to potty or just want to sunbath.


Golden ready for napSLEEPOVERS- Gift your dog family-style love and care while you’re away

Moon Dog’s alternative boarding service is the ultimate care for social dogs giving the utmost exercise, love, and attention that you just can not find in any other dog care service or standard facility. Our sleepover service has limited space as we keep our guest numbers small so we can provide the proper doses of caring energy. Sleepover guest pups follow the same structured program and setup as our “A Dog’s Day” (day care) service. Please see A Dog’s Day info. Services for our day care program ends late afternoon and then we shift into “Sleepover” (boarding) care helping our sleepover pups settle in for the evening after a full day of frolicking. We move into this transition with soothing music, dinner, potty breaks and lovely lounging about. Last potty break is at 10:00 p.m. before everyone is tucked in for bedtime. Moon Dog Lodge is set up to accommodate your pups own bedding and or crate if this offers your dog a comfort zone. It is of the most importance for dogs to have their home aromas (beds, blankets) close by when they board. These home aromas sooth dogs when they may be feeling uneasy or missing their human family pack. We also provide a variety of dog beds and blankets that are clean and snuggly. Welcoming comfy spaces are important for pups to lay their heads down for a good night sleep so they can dream of the next day’s adventures…happy Zzzzzz’s await! The pack rises to greet the day at 6:00 a.m. with much love, potty breaks and B-fast followed by morning ranch chores to get ready for another Dog’s Day…and off we go~

Moon Dog Lodge’s educated attentive care, safety protocols, and additional nurturing components sets us far apart from other pet care providers. We simply have found a very special niche that defines our professional service and unique program as an extraordinary dog care service that our Moon Dog families find extremely valuable. We are honored to care take these fabulous furry family members!


Sharing Good Friends, Good space, & Good love