Fb-Theo-So-w_a stickAll Moon Dog Lodge services require an orientation process. This starts by connecting with you through a scheduled phone call to go over basic Moon Dog requirements and to chat with you, opening an avenue for you to share with us some insight into your dog’s spirit in turn helping us to better understand their needs and the care that you are seeking.

If all feels positive and it appears we are on a path to a good fit after the phone conversation a $35.00 on-ranch orientation is scheduled (additional dog $5.00.) This on-ranch orientation part of the process offers Moon Dog the opportunity to observe your pup’s individuality helping us to gain some first hand insight into their personality, socialization, play patterns, responsiveness to guidance both independently and in a group environment. Our two-step orientation is a well thought out process that is extremely helpful in assessing that this is the right service for you and your pup, a good fit for our family and for our extended Moon Dog Lodge family. We are dedicated to what we do and responsible in how we do it. After all these pups are your family members. We are grateful and honor our Moon Dog families for taking the time and energy to go through this process to seek out and understand what the best possible day care and boarding care is for their dog(s.)

A copy of vaccinations records are required for on ranch orientations.


Moon Dog Lodge requires that all dogs are spayed and neutered, current on core vaccinations, and that all families are responsible in care taking their dogs health in regard to flea, tick, lice and mite management. This also includes fecal parasite management. A veterinarian fecal sample test may be necessary.

Core vaccinations:

  • Rabies (3 years) Dogs under one year consult your veterinarian
  • DHPP (3 years) Dogs under one year consult your veterinarian
  • Bordetella (every 12 months) Consult your veterinarian
  • Titer vaccinations are accepted with proper records.
  •  Canine influenza if your dog is traveling outside the area or showing

We ask that you keep your pups records up to date with us by providing a copy each time vaccinations are updated to help us to keep our records current at Moon Dog Lodge.

“THE LODGE,” Moon Dog’s inside space for our guests is a comfy welcoming area that is an extension to our ranch home. The lodge provides a fabulous down to Earth space for relaxation during A Dog’s Day (day care) and accommodates our sleepover (boarding) guests with a peaceful community bedtime sanctuary with plenty of snuggly beds for happy Zzzzz’s. See atmosphere info below.

WE ARE 100% DEDICATED to our guest dogs, their families, and the service we provide. We take what we do very seriously. All outings and care are managed and guided by our Moon Dog Lodge guardians who are educated dog lovers. Our human crew is trained through a specific program designed to educate guardians on key components like, dog psychology /over all dog behavior, respect and awareness to dog culture, management of social off leash group behavior, and human/dog communication just to name some basics. This training is reviewed on a continual basis along with 24-7 fieldwork each and every day that adds extremely valuable knowledge and understanding about the dog world. In fact it often surpasses textbook education. Much thought and energy is given to our interviewing process of our guardians. We seek individuals that have developed a deep love and intuitive connection with animals through past experience. Moon Dog Lodge strives to give our guardians the tools and understanding they need to offer excellent leadership and ultimately build healthy relationships with our guest dogs. Moon Dog guardians are educated leaders, invested, compassionate, and loving guides and care takers. The dogs know this and this is a very large key factor to what makes Moon Dog Lodge an outstanding service that our dog families find so valuable!

It is important to note that any time you choose a social free form (off leash) dog care service like Moon Dog Lodge there is always the possibility for injury due to our natural open space environment that dogs are exercising in along with an awareness that disagreements between dogs can and do occur from time to time. A group of dogs will always incorporate all spectrums of pack members from alpha, beta, to submissive in one shape or form. The key factor is to have knowledgeable individuals that practice leadership, safety protocols, recognize and intercept unhealthy or escalating behavior before it causes a problem. Balance and happiness is the goal but again, it is important to understand that there will always be an element of unpredictability when caring for animals in a group setting no matter the precautions.



Fb-Daisy back of truckMoon Dog Lodge’s transportation service is set up just like everything else we do… with a great deal of thought and a great amount of attention to safety and management of our guest pups. Our Toyota Tundra cab and carpeted bed with canopy accommodates a comfortable gathering of “ready for the ranch” dogs or “homeward bound dogs.” All dogs ride harnessed (families provide harness gear) and clip into individual spaces by carabineers with short sturdy leads. This system allows us to function with much efficiency while managing the loading and unloading of a group of dogs.

Moon Dog Lodge also provides a deluxe double-wide ramp for loading and unloading our guests out at the ranch. We encourage families with elder dogs, or dogs with hip and shoulder issues to provide a ramp at their abode. Ramps are a wonderful way to stay proactive in the health care of your dog no matter their age.


Moon Dog Lodge is a guest ranch for dogs…cruz’n the great outdoors, inside homey Zen like spaces, and a simple down to Earth loving vibe are some descriptive words that capture the type of atmosphere we emanate and nurture. The 20-acre property is a large part of our setting and we utilize the open space to the maximum. Our focused social off leash outdoor component literally opens up the doors for a dog to be a dog and release the natural energy in a natural space which is a natural part of the creatures we call dogs. Whether they are youngsters, in their mid years, or beloved elders, plenty of good clean air & sunshine is a must. Moon Dog also offers, in the warmer months, cool wet frolicking fun with our awesome clean circulating pond and ditches and don’t forget fabulous winter time snow, snow, snow, these are all an important part of a dogs world here in Central Oregon! Along with, of course, the balance of good furry friends and good happy humans!

Our special service offers dogs a great lesson in sharing and enjoying a indoor and outdoor environment with both humans and canines. Social respect to one another and basic manners are asked of each dog. Respectful leadership and praise along with an easy going happy vibe is practiced on a continual bases by guardians (staff) and dogs as this makes for a stress free loving space that all creatures really enjoy being part of! Arranging an opportunity like Moon Dog Lodge can offer an exceptional healthy way for your dog to engage in just being a dog. When you offer well socialized dogs a way to engage with their own kind and release with the proper safe guidance in a well managed environment it gives huge satisfaction and who knows, perhaps it gifts dogs the chance to reconnect with their wild ancestors and as a pack celebrate bits of their old souls!


IMG_2182Many dogs experience a level of anxiety when spending time away from their “family pack.” This can be a normal reaction to a degree as a dog is a pack animal that needs to truly trust that they are in good hands and in a good safe space when they are not with you. Moon Dog Lodge has studied and worked hard to deliver compassionate leadership and safe knowledgeable care to our guest pups which conveys trust to you and your dog. In addition we have interwoven a variety of stress relieving components into our top-notch dog care service to help ease the mind. A couple examples of this type of care include essential oils which can offer a great deal of support with emotional and physical challenges. We have chosen a specific company for our oils because we appreciate their integrity and high quality therapeutic oils. This is of the most importance when using essential oils properly. Adding essential oils has gifted Moon Dog Lodge and its guests a lovely natural way to find balance and calmness offering the pups the ability to settle into the loving experience we provide out at the ranch. Don’t hesitate to ask us more about this type of care and how it can be utilized at home too.

Music is another component that Moon Dog utilizes to give support and release. As humans we know that music is huge part of our life’s journey when it comes to our emotional state of mind. Dogs enjoy beautiful melodies and rhythmic vibrations too. Carefully selected sounds of nature and different selections of music can also give great comfort and offer a grounded and blissful state of mind, body & spirit.

Moon Dog Lodge incorporates a variety of different concepts that nurture this healthy method of care and space. It is a part of what makes us so exceptionally unique.


Keeping our lodge and outside areas clean is an important part of care taking dogs. We are proud to share that we use a variety of all natural cleaners and essential oils to provide and well kept clean environment. Many of our Moon Dog families greatly value our cleaning methods as some pups can have allergies or even severe reactions to toxic cleaners like bleach and everyday house hold cleaners. There are many natural ways to control odor, sterilize, keep illnesses at bay, and even control critters like lice and fleas. We practice all this through a natural cleaning routine each and everyday.

Dog poops are kept cleaned up on a constant basis…A must! Very important proper hygiene for a multiple dog care service. Picking up and bagging poop is a daily part of our routine. Moon Dog believes in doing our best to care take our planet and therefore all guardians carry biodegradable poop bags at all times. Poop cans also have biodegradable liners so that the continence that is scooped  daily can return to the Earth as efficiently as possible.


IMG_1900Moon Dog is a ranch environment with lots of outside glee…There is no way around it, dogs get dirty. We provide warm showers or rinsing as needed, towel dry, and brush out pups at the end of the day. We are not set up to provide professional grooming. We are sensitive to dogs returning home to you as clean as possible. Please keep in mind depending on weather conditions/time of year dog’s can return home with some “leftovers” like seeds in fur, sandy dirt in toes and or bellies. Dogs can also be damp after showering. Please note that when the dogs are outside we are truly a ranch outdoor experience meaning the areas outside are not groomed nor do we have traditional kennel facility fencing (cyclone fencing.) There are sticks and stones, deer, fox, coyotes, and small rodents. Unfortunately noxious weeds pop up here and there, which we do our best to control and eradicate. Untamed outdoor obstacles are part of the territory much like you would find while out with your pup on the trail in the woods here in central Oregon. It is important to understand that when a dog is functioning in this type of environment there can always be a possibility for injury no matter the precautions.


Fb-Rhi treating dogsWe work hard to provide a safe loving environment that nurtures all aspects of your dog. This includes the snacks that are given out throughout the day. Moon Dog offers our pack members only the best of goodies. We strive to stay conscientious on all areas of nutrition, this is an additional care taking component that we educate our guardians on at Moon Dog Lodge. A variety of high quality made in the USA, all natural, no artificial preservatives, no egg, no dairy, no grain treats are given out in modest portions for happy tummies. Snacks also provide help in managing dogs with praise; reinforcing happy healthy balanced behavior. Special attention is always given to allergies and special arrangements can be set up to accommodate your pup with selective treats. Good snacks are part of a well-rounded day!

Sharing Good Friends, Good space, & Good love