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Dog Gone Cheat Grass

In most of North America we have an invasive weed known as cheat grass. It will take over fields and crops as it starts to grow earlier than most native plants in the spring and it can grow in cool weather. It can grow 6 to 24 inches, its roots systems are so extensive that it is able to take in more water and nutrients before native plants have even started to grow. They start off growing as a small green weed and as they mature they become a red/purple color meaning they are starting to dry up and will be dropping their seeds when they reach a light tan color. Cheat grass has been known to cause many problems with dogs as they can get stuck in the animals fur, paws, ears, eyes, mouth and other places where their hair is thick and/or curly.

This seed works similar like an arrowhead with its barbed angled edges and once it plants itself it keeps going. There is no going backwards for this seed. When taking your dog out on trails and you happen notice this weed to be very common where you’re exploring then I highly recommend checking over your dogs coat, face, mouth, ears, paws and do a brush over to make sure none are hiding. This has been known to cause serious issues and most likely cause surgery to remove a seed that has planted itself in your dogs body. Please be aware if your dog is constantly licking their paws, biting a spot over and over as it may be a cheat grass that has just planted itself and sometimes if you are able to catch it early you can remove it yourself and be free of a vet visit and/or possible surgery. If not then you may regret not looking over you pup after your adventure in the woods. Always better to be safe than sorry. For tips on grooming and how to better protect your dog based on its breed, please contact your local groomer for tips on how to help keep down cheat grass in your dogs coat. For an example picture on how we trim our personal dogs feet, see below!

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Canine Cancer

When the word Cancer is mentioned in a conversation it can really get someone’s attention. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and is becoming increasingly popular among canines. According to WebMD’s latest statistics, the leading cause of death for dogs over 10 years of age was cancer. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in elder dogs,… Continue Reading

Online dog help

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If it’s love it’s love

When winter time decides that spring time is the best time to come you bundle up even longer during the cold weather. You’ll probably wear a jacket and some boots and possibly get a cold. But hey, your dog its just like your dog. Do they have a long enough coat to keep their bodies… Continue Reading

Cheers Moon Dogs

A new year is exciting, but how exciting is it really? I mean for someone like me, who basically lives around multiple different dogs at all times just sees it as another new day. I love how dogs see holiday’s, just another day. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather spend “the holiday’s” with my… Continue Reading

Ending the year on a Pawsitive step

Every year comes to an end, everyone starts preparing for the new year, new traditions, new habits, new goals, new resolutions and yet the “new year” is just tomorrow. I like to think of the new year as a continuation to my forever growing and changing life. It’s more time and more opportunity to grow… Continue Reading

Fall dogs

Hey there, as we head into the season of fall some of you with dogs may have noticed your pets have become more itchy. Licking their Paws and belly and possibly the tail, some may be sneezing a bit more, and some may not be itchy or sneezing at all. But fall has arrived! As… Continue Reading

So many dog jobs

So many dog jobs, it makes it that much harder to choose what direction you want to go in, in the dog world. I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and now that I’ve been a part of the dog world for 6 years now, I have a hard time deciding… Continue Reading

Your dog choosing the right daycare

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Spring is ruff

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. The pond is full and the frogs are coming out! Us moon Dogs are so excited for the wet days ahead! Swimming in the pond, running in the creeks along the property, and shower time at the end of the day to wash some… Continue Reading