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Ending the year on a Pawsitive step

Every year comes to an end, everyone starts preparing for the new year, new traditions, new habits, new goals, new resolutions and yet the “new year” is just tomorrow. I like to think of the new year as a continuation to my forever growing and changing life. It’s more time and more opportunity to grow and change and do the things I’ve always wanted to do and complete small goals or start bigger ones. It may be the end of our calendar months and we will be writing down a new number year, but it’s just tomorrow. It’s like how dogs look at the new year 😉 but yet even for a dog, so much can change in 1 year. Even for us humans, and it’s amazing to see what we can accomplish or go through in just 1 year and continue to go through and grow from what we’ve learned. I’ve had a lot of recent inspiration for handling life and most are from working with dogs. Watching how they live each and everyday is so interesting to me that I can’t help but want to live the way they do. This past year I’ve dealt with more than I ever expected and being around dogs and observing and learning from them has been so rewarding with what reality brings. Not only are they therapy but they teach therapy. Throughout the sickness in my family I’ve learned more and more to live in the moment, take baby steps when things get overwhelming, don’t rush things and take them day by day, how to communicate more than just words and most importantly to me, patience. I’ve learned this all from dogs, I’m around them everyday, I was open minded to learning new things and it’s new things I will forever learn being a part of the dog world. I’ve always truly been thankful to understand the dog world and be a part of it, and now it’s time to continue my love and passion in the the dog world another year and become a stronger and better version of myself each day as the dogs do! I like to think I’m starting the new year off with a pawsitive step! Happy 2019 from Human and Moon Dogs at Moon Dog Lodge 🙂

Fall dogs

Hey there, as we head into the season of fall some of you with dogs may have noticed your pets have become more itchy. Licking their Paws and belly and possibly the tail, some may be sneezing a bit more, and some may not be itchy or sneezing at all. But fall has arrived! As… Continue Reading

So many dog jobs

So many dog jobs, it makes it that much harder to choose what direction you want to go in, in the dog world. I always thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and now that I’ve been a part of the dog world for 6 years now, I have a hard time deciding… Continue Reading

Your dog choosing the right daycare

Getting a new dog is always an exciting moment! Having a furry family member that can interact with the family and maybe even the other animals it grows up with is always going to be a new adjustment, and an exciting one. And choosing when their old enough to go to daycare! But have you… Continue Reading

Spring is ruff

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. The pond is full and the frogs are coming out! Us moon Dogs are so excited for the wet days ahead! Swimming in the pond, running in the creeks along the property, and shower time at the end of the day to wash some… Continue Reading

New year

Excited to start another year here at Moon Dog Lodge! We have new pups to say hello to and some pups that crossed the rainbow bridge as we said our “See ya Laters.” It had been a great 2017 and were very excited to go into 2018 with new guardians, pups and attitudes. We still… Continue Reading


As we are nearing the end of the year we still haven’t had a “real” snow day. I’m talking a couple feet of snow, and yet we’ve only had a sprinkle. Some of us humans and dogs here at moon dog lodge love the winter days where the sun shines and the cold air is… Continue Reading

Moon Dog Talk

As summer came to an end here at Moon Dog Lodge we all prepare to say “see you later” to our most favorite friend, the Pond. Day after day it slowly lowers and lowers into the ground. The dogs observe in confusion and realize they are able to walk across the whole pond which doesn’t… Continue Reading

Never stop learning

My whole life I’ve been with dogs. From my child hood going into my adult hood. I loved dogs, I even had a dog day care name picked out, the kind of dogs I wanted and their names written down. Dogs have always been a part of my life, and as far as I can… Continue Reading

Not so much a dog pawliday

For what I have experienced, fireworks are not so dog friendly. Some dogs don’t mind them at all, and if yours don’t then enjoy every one of those wonderful explosions. One of the holiday’s that most of us love that involve explosions is approaching us quickly. Most of you know about the 4th of July,… Continue Reading