Fall dogs

Hey there, as we head into the season of fall some of you with dogs may have noticed your pets have become more itchy. Licking their Paws and belly and possibly the tail, some may be sneezing a bit more, and some may not be itchy or sneezing at all. But fall has arrived! As I’m sure you have heard of humans getting allergies and colds during seasonal changes and we treat ourselves accordingly and some need to see a doctor for extra support for your body. Well, dogs can experience the same thing. Some dogs need to see a vet to receive extra support for their body, some just get minor allergies that can be treated with home remedies like a natural medicated bath and possible dietary changes. Something that has been around for years yet the research is just now starting and getting better and better by the year with the science and knowledge that we have has been making world wide success and is known as cannabis. To be more accurate CBD, which is short for Cannabinoids. It has become very common for dogs to use and more and more people are learning the medicinal properties of it now that the knowledge is accessible and there’s so much research to explore. We have multiple dogs that come to our daycare that are given a cannabis supplement for allergies during the times their dogs allergies kick in due to seasonal changes. We also have pups on cannabis supplements for anxiety and joint support. There’s more and more uses we are finding out cannabis can be used for, some dogs with cancer will take cannabis supplements to help kill the cancer and keep it away. I’ve personally had experience with cannabis for itchy dogs and dogs needing joint support and I must say I am a huge believer in what I saw with cannabis as their supplement instead of steroids from their western medicine vet. My itchy dog has constant side effects to any steroid she was on, sometimes her reaction to a steroid was not even the side effect that is known with that steroid. Yet with cannabis I saw no side effects and could see her started to feel better and have more energy while being on a cannabis supplement. My other pup needed joint support has tried multiple cannabis products for his joints. We realized that just like people, dogs will also react differently to different brands of medicine. The first cannabis product we tired we saw absolutely no difference at all. No changes in his movement, behavior or energy. With the 2nd company we tired we saw a small difference, more than than the first company but we knew that couldn’t be it. By the 3rd dog cannabis company we tired for joint support we succeeded! He was up and moving so much better and smoother and his walks were much more enjoyable for him, he was much more comfortable and happier! His energy was more upbeat, he has had a great attitude and we knew we finally found the CBD he needed! Since then we have been huge supporters in the cannabis industry as our pets seem much happier, and that’s what we want as dog parents! I will leave some links below for more information on CBD for pets!








What Are Cannabinoids?

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