A whole new feeling

IMG_20170524_203644_004Yes I’m talking about dogs. And this whole new feeling is pretty incredible! Very happy to say that I was given the opportunity to observe therapy dogs. Exciting right?! What’s more exciting is that I got to observe wonderful 2nd graders read to a therapy dog! Yes, it was adorable and yes I could watch all day long. I was very excited when I was given the chance and a tad nervous. I was so curious to see therapy dogs at work but didn’t want to add any type of distraction. And I must say, I was blown away!!! I met with a wonderful therapy dog and his oh so loving owner and was sitting down at a table when the 2nd grader walked out of his classroom so excited to see his fur friend! The 2nd grader sat down and started with the title of the book and just took off reading word after word! He would stop and show the therapy dog the pictures and the dog would respond in a tail wag, a lick on the hand, or ears perked up. You could just feel the confidence in the child just growing with every positive response they received from the therapy dog. By the end of the session’s that I was able to observe I was told that some of them did even better that time. I was ecstatic. I was so happy that I didn’t have an uncomfortable impact on them while I was there observing! What really mattered was that the therapy dog was there. I have never been able to see and feel what therapy dogs can do, and having it involve children was so heart warming. Those kids have confidence because of a therapy dog, and that dog is there to do a job. And I must say, that therapy dog did it’s job above and beyond! Seeing a 2nd grader in such comfort reading to an animal and looking forward to the next meeting was very special. Those kids look forward to their time with the therapy dog, they always say “hello” and “see you next time”. They truly create a bond with the therapy dog! I’m so thankful to have been given this opportunity and hope to have more opportunities in the future! I want to continue into therapy work with dogs as there is so much out there and weather your a child, teen, or adult, get a dog! They’re cheaper than a therapist 😉 yet better! They cuddle and give kisses!

-Jamie Boggess

Spring is in the air!

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The Month Of Love

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Loving Dogs

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Do dogs have holidays?

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Preparing for Winter?

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What does your dog really know?

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