Your dog choosing the right daycare

Getting a new dog is always an exciting moment! Having a furry family member that can interact with the family and maybe even the other animals it grows up with is always going to be a new adjustment, and an exciting one. And choosing when their old enough to go to daycare! But have you ever thought about what to look for in a dog daycare for your dog? When picking out what daycare to take your pup to, there are many factors to think about. It is important to take a tour of wherever your dog will be spending it’s day, possible questions may pop up while you take a tour of the daycare itself. Some places won’t even offer a tour or orientation and that’s already a red flag when you can’t see the place. Think about how the greeting process will be when your dog is coming into a new environment and there’s going to be multiple dogs greeting it. Is there actual training that the employees will know to be able to help keep your dog and others dogs safe at daycare? Is there any type of exercise involved at the daycare to help release any energy? Is there any type of training used at daycare specifically to help manage dogs and keep the dogs safe in case of a fight? There’s quite a few things to think about when choosing a day care for your pup and then in the end your dog deciding if it’s the right fit. All dogs are individuals and not all day cares fit all dogs. Some dogs don’t like certain day cares, just like children. Not every daycare is for every dog. Some dogs will even tell you if they like or don’t like the day care place. Either they get excited to go or they don’t and hate it and have to be bribed or walked into daycare. Their body language can say a lot about daycare. But most importantly, the dog daycare’s main priority at all time is and should be the dogs. They come first, they should feel comfortable with the level of leadership at daycare with the given knowledge we have received. They should go home as happy as they arrived. Making new friends and being in an environment where dogs aren’t stressed and a guardian is always present to give guidance when needed makes for a happy environment the dogs want to be in! It’s amazing to see a dog really blossom during an orientation and see their personality come out because they trust the leadership that is present. Being calm and collected in stressful situations can be challenging but isn’t that what makes us better leaders? Working with dogs always sounds like constant dog kisses, cuddles, and just sitting playing with them all day, but it’s really more than that! Much more! Those are just the added bonuses! To read more on how Moon Dog Lodge operates and how we put our dogs first! Head over to our home page!






Spring is ruff

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. The pond is full and the frogs are coming out! Us moon Dogs are so excited for the wet days ahead! Swimming in the pond, running in the creeks along the property, and shower time at the end of the day to wash some… Continue Reading

New year

Excited to start another year here at Moon Dog Lodge! We have new pups to say hello to and some pups that crossed the rainbow bridge as we said our “See ya Laters.” It had been a great 2017 and were very excited to go into 2018 with new guardians, pups and attitudes. We still… Continue Reading


As we are nearing the end of the year we still haven’t had a “real” snow day. I’m talking a couple feet of snow, and yet we’ve only had a sprinkle. Some of us humans and dogs here at moon dog lodge love the winter days where the sun shines and the cold air is… Continue Reading

Moon Dog Talk

As summer came to an end here at Moon Dog Lodge we all prepare to say “see you later” to our most favorite friend, the Pond. Day after day it slowly lowers and lowers into the ground. The dogs observe in confusion and realize they are able to walk across the whole pond which doesn’t… Continue Reading

Never stop learning

My whole life I’ve been with dogs. From my child hood going into my adult hood. I loved dogs, I even had a dog day care name picked out, the kind of dogs I wanted and their names written down. Dogs have always been a part of my life, and as far as I can… Continue Reading

Not so much a dog pawliday

For what I have experienced, fireworks are not so dog friendly. Some dogs don’t mind them at all, and if yours don’t then enjoy every one of those wonderful explosions. One of the holiday’s that most of us love that involve explosions is approaching us quickly. Most of you know about the 4th of July,… Continue Reading

A whole new feeling

Yes I’m talking about dogs. And this whole new feeling is pretty incredible! Very happy to say that I was given the opportunity to observe therapy dogs. Exciting right?! What’s more exciting is that I got to observe wonderful 2nd graders read to a therapy dog! Yes, it was adorable and yes I could watch… Continue Reading

Spring is in the air!

I believe we are seeing some warmer days ahead of us! We all know what that means for some of us, well mainly me. Allergies. I’ve looked into different remedies for treating allergies because i’m not the only one who becomes a victim to the spring season. Some of us have these lovely creatures on… Continue Reading